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UKAS Launches CertCheck

Updated: 2 days ago

Having a robust supply chain is an essential element of modern business. Verifying that potential suppliers hold essential accredited certification (such as ISO 9001 for quality management or ISO 14001 for environmental management) is a key part of building a reliable network. Many organisations in both the public and private sectors specify that prospective suppliers must hold UKAS accredited certification. Independently checking the authenticity of each applicant’s certification is an integral part of procurement best practice, but can be a time-consuming and fragmented activity.

A logo of NQA and UKAS Management System.

To help streamline the process, the United Kingdom Accreditation Service is launching UKAS CertCheck; a free online service for independently verifying UKAS accredited management system certifications.

What is the new database?

UKAS CertCheck is a database of over 300,000 management systems certifications issued worldwide by UKAS accredited certification bodies. These certifications cover a vast array of widely recognised and commonly used management systems; ranging from the long-established Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001) standards; to newer Information Security (ISO 27001), Energy management (ISO 50001) and Supply Chain Security (ISO 28000) standards; to more sector-specific standards such as Food Safety (ISO 22000), Medical Devices (ISO 13485) and Road Traffic Safety (ISO 39001).

Jeff Ruddle, Strategic Development Director at UKAS said: The launch of UKAS CertCheck forms part of a wider drive for UKAS to improve its online services for stakeholders, customers and those who rely on accredited services. Providing a quick and easy way to verify the authenticity and validity of accredited certifications, UKAS CertCheck enhances both the procurement and supply chain management processes.
It offers those holding accredited certification a more convenient way to prove their credentials to a potentially wider marketplace, whilst simultaneously providing third party assurance to those specifying accredited certification from their suppliers. In addition to speeding up the tendering process, this reduces the opportunity for fraud, helping businesses work together with greater confidence.
A logo of CertCheck.

Original news article can be found on the UKAS website here.



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