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The Power of SSIP: Workplace's Safety Accreditation Portfolio

Updated: 5 days ago

At Workplace, health and safety leadership is central to our service identity. We demonstrate our unwavering commitment through certification under all five major Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) bodies in the UK and Ireland.

What is SSIP?

SSIP serves as an overarching endorsement system for rigorous occupational safety and health audit programs recognised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). By attaining SSIP scheme certifications, suppliers showcase adherence to core criteria on legal compliance, risk management and continuous improvement.

Key Elements of SSIP Standards:

  • Alignment with PAS 91, the Publicly Available Specification for health and safety pre-qualification questionnaires from BSI Group.

  • Coverage of sector-specific requirements across industries like construction, facilities management, manufacturing and others.

  • Assessments on management accountability, risk control systems, subcontractor oversight, training/communication, incident investigation and more.

  • Regular surveillance audits in addition to extensive initial certification audits.

Reach of SSIP Schemes:

  • Over 65,000 registered supplier members

  • Encompasses leading programs like SafeContractor, Achilles UVDB Verify, Safety Schemes Building Confidence (SSBC) and more.

Advantages of SSIP Certification:

  • Validated alignment to baseline legal duties around health and safety practices.

  • Proof of operational control measures for hazard and risk mitigation.

  • Assures buyers of secure partner selection and supply chain oversight.

  • Allows smoother supplier acceptance via mutual recognition between schemes.

Workplace's Complete SSIP Certification Portfolio:

We carry certifications across all five major SSIP schemes in the UK and Ireland:

  1. Acclaim Accreditation – Confirms we meet cleaning industry specifications.

  2. Achilles UVDB – Validates capabilities for infrastructure/utilities management.

  3. Avetta – Verifies we conform to multiple service domains including security.

  4. Prosure 360 – Tailored for both UK and Ireland operations.

  5. SafeContractor – Endorses our corporate-wide safety culture.

This extensive third-party validation provides multidimensional confirmation we fulfill the highest public sector pre-qualification benchmarks for health and safety. By partnering with an organisation like Workplace with complete SSIP scheme coverage, clients gain a pre-verified supplier dedicated to legal, risk-controlled delivery.

A picture of several SSIP accreditations that Workplace have

The Power of Mutual Recognition

A central advantage of the SSIP system is mutual recognition between certification bodies. Once audited by one SSIP member, accelerated onboarding applies across schemes. This saves considerable time and resources for buyers and suppliers in demonstrating safety credentials.

As SSIP Chairman Eleanor Eaton has stated: "Since inception of SSIP we are pleased to advise mutual recognition has enabled savings to suppliers in excess of £403m* in addition to the time savings by all parties involved. We are keen to work with any buyer who would like to know more about the benefits of recognising the many thousands of suppliers who are currently assessed by SSIP members."

*Figures are accurate as of 16.05.2023, quantifying the extensive cost and time savings for clients and vendors.

Discover Workplace’s SSIP-Verified Excellence

Through continuous certification across all major SSIP schemes, Workplace offers robust validation of our customised, legally sound safety practices tailored for every client’s needs.

Contact us today to learn more!
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