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Your Wellbeing - Stress Awareness

Updated: Mar 5

We have a positive ethos here at Workplace. We aim to reduce the stigma of asking for help and we encourage our staff to reach out.
A tiles with Mental Health Lettering and green leaves.

We have five fully trained Mental Health First Aiders. They are trained to spot signs and symptoms of mental health issues. They can also provide early intervention for someone who may be developing a mental health issue and offer initial support and guidance always in confidence.

It’s quite normal to experience a small amount of anxiety in our everyday lives, it can even give us an edge to our day, motivating us and keeping us enthusiastic. How many of us know someone who seems to thrive on an element of tension? They appear to operate more effectively when they have deadlines to reach or a heavy workload, but there are many forms of stress, and it can affect everyone differently. According to the Mental Health Foundation, 74% of us have felt unable to cope due to stress in the past year and too much can have adverse effects.

There are so many different causes of stress and often these are unavoidable. The important thing to do is to keep an eye on the signs, which commonly range from physical problems such as headaches, sweating, dizziness or dry mouth to mental issues like money worries, lack of concentration and feeling low. Never underestimate situations that may be easy to deal with for some yet frightening for others.

Remember, if you feel overwhelmed, don’t suffer in silence. Speak up, seek advice and never be afraid to ask for help. There is always someone who will listen.



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