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WORKPLACE is a proud supporter of the Heroes Foundation

Updated: Mar 5

humanutopia is a social enterprise company which continually creates and runs inspirational and life-changing courses in schools for students and staff.

Since 2004 their range of courses have been successfully delivered in over 200 UK schools to over 200,000 young people and over 20,000 adults.

Their nationally acclaimed volunteer programme – ‘The Heroes Journey’ has enlisted over 15,000 volunteer heroes who have all committed to making a difference in their communities by becoming positive role models for younger students.

The aim of all of their courses is to inspire change in people and communities by helping people improve their own life-chances and by challenging them to make a positive contribution to their school and community.

The Heroes Foundation is HU’s charitable arm and offers the opportunity for HU graduates (Heroes) to undergo further development and become mentors within their own schools and

communities, in turn helping others to fulfil their potential in education, employment and life.

The Heroes Foundation has a growing number of Heroes who are volunteering in schools to develop their own skills and offer support to peers and communities. The Heroes Foundation recognises the skills and commitment our Heroes show and will develop a network and highly effective jobs board for a growing pipeline of talented heroes across the UK that will support their continual personal growth, social mobility and access to higher levels of employability.

We are proud to support them again in 2022. to find out how you can help please visit

I have personally loved the heroes experience. I remember when I first met humanutopia - I was struggling with my mental health, but being a lead hero allowed me to feel like I was capable of doing so much more than I ever thought I could. Without the heroes foundation, so many people would be struggling. We all learned to value working as a team, which sets us apart when applying for many roles. Being a part of the heroes journey has given me my confidence and smile back. Young people deserve a chance to show what we can do, but often we don't get given it. The heroes foundation gives us the chance we need to strive and thrive, being the best we can be.
Hayley, hero



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