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Why go green?

Updated: 2 days ago

At WORKPLACE we have been using Selden's V-Mix for many years which is a range of super concentrated colour coded cleaners. Our most popular product that can be found on all our sites contains a clean pine fragrance leaving the room with a fresh 'just cleaned' atmosphere.

A photo of green grass and tree.

Selden's commitment to ethical, environmentally sound production methods ensure that we are purchasing a guaranteed green product with a low environmental impact.

They were awarded an IPPC permit by the Environmental Agency -the Europe-wide gold standard for environmental manufacturing excellence. The Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control accreditation officially recognises Selden as providing the highest possible levels of protection for the environment utilising independently audited Best Available Techniques to prevent any possibility of pollution. “IPPC is the ultimate green benchmark for a manufacturer and demonstrates that we’re delivering against the promises laid out in our Environmental Charter published earlier this year,” said Selden Director Mark Woodhead. IPPC qualification tests a broad range of environmental protection measures providing a far tougher eco-friendly benchmark than either the ISO 14001 environmental management standard or the ISO 9001 quality management standard – both of which have been held by Selden for several years. Mark Woodhead said: “Through IPPC we have put our whole operation up to independent scrutiny and that takes real effort and genuine commitment – gaining IPPC involves around ten times more financial investment and management time to implement than ISO 14001. Every aspect of our operation has been put to the definitive test and we’ve shown that when it comes to the environment, we’re one company that’s genuinely putting our money where our mouth is.” Due to strictly controlled operating methods and technical leadership, Selden’s Derbyshire manufacturing plant has been formally designated as a ‘Low Impact Installation’ under the IPPC permit characterised by intrinsic low environmental impact even under abnormal operating conditions. The foundation of Selden’s successful permit application is previous certification to ISO 14001 which requires management to identify areas of environmental impact (or potential impact) and take measures to continually improve environmental protection performance. IPPC accreditation is a tougher test in that it requires adherence to definitive pollution prevention standards and comprehensive application across all business operations using Best Available Techniques. Mark Woodhead said: “With green issues and sustainability now so high on the public and political agenda, firms can be tempted to pay lip-service to environmental issues but we firmly believe that true environmental commitment has to go beyond simply complying with legislation or ‘greenwashing’ marketing material and packaging. Suppliers need to be increasingly judged by what they do - not by what they say – and our IPPC and ISO track record shows Selden is one company that’s prepared to stand up and be counted. “

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