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Turning Old Uniforms into Acts of Kindness: A Workplace Collaboration with TEABAG UK

Updated: Jun 10

At Workplace, we're all about making the world a little smoother, kinder, and more efficient every day.

We recently had the opportunity to do just that when we acquired Enhance Office Cleaning and found ourselves with an excess of branded uniforms. So we decided to explore a more compassionate and efficient solution.

A selection of photographs showing the nurses modelling the unforms that have been donated. They look happy!

A Different Approach to Excess Uniforms

Rather than letting these uniforms go to waste, we decided to explore a more compassionate and efficient solution. Enter TEABAG UK, a small charity with a big heart, registered with the UK Charity Commission. TEABAG UK runs on the dedication of volunteers who selflessly cover their own travel expenses to Ghana, ensuring that every donation directly supports those in need.

Our Connection to Compassion

This heartwarming collaboration was made possible, in large part, by Amber in our HR department. Amber's commitment to creating positive change led her to connect us with TEABAG UK. Her dedication to inclusivity and making a difference in the community perfectly aligns with our values at Workplace.

Sharing Compassion in Ghana

Thanks to Amber's connection and our shared commitment to making a difference, we were able to share our surplus uniforms with the community nurses at the Health Outpost Clinic in the village of Mankoadze, central region of Ghana. These dedicated healthcare professionals now have branded attire to wear while they work tirelessly to serve their community.

Creating a Kinder, More Efficient World

This collaboration with TEABAG UK is a shining example of how businesses can work hand in hand with charitable organisations to create positive change. It embodies the values of inclusivity, kindness, and efficiency that are at the core of Workplace's mission.

How You Can Get Involved

If this story of making a positive impact inspires you, consider finding creative ways to repurpose and share resources within your own community or supporting organisations like TEABAG UK that are dedicated to creating positive change.



TEABAG UK is a small charity with a big heart, entirely run by volunteers. Their focus is on supporting communities in Ghana, ensuring that every donation directly benefits those in need.

In a world where every action counts, TEABAG UK have shown that even small steps can make a big difference. Let's celebrate their dedication to creating positive change and inspire others to follow suit. Together, we can create a smoother, kinder, and more efficient world for everyone.



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