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Thank you! - Employee Excellence Award November 2023

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

After 15 remarkable years at Workplace, Rebecca Meeuwissen has demonstrated outstanding commitment and contribution over the past 6 months that demands recognition. She embodies the spirit of excellence we all should aspire towards.

Across departments, Rebecca has spearheaded critical initiatives - actualising solutions and enhancements that enable scalable, sustainable growth company-wide. Her dedication spans vital functions: optimising IT systems, enriching training programs, streamlining sales processes, fortifying testing protocols and accreditation, building marketing capacity, and analysing operations to pinpoint efficiencies.

The sheer versatility she’s exhibited is stunning - leading wide-ranging projects across departments that would overwhelm most, let alone with such consistency delivering sterling, thorough results.

While some may grumble about expanding workloads, Rebecca has not only taken them in stride – she has tackled pressing priorities in multiple areas simultaneously with an inspiring spring in her step. Her perseverance and discipline serves as a model we can all learn from. Through trying times over the past months fraught with typical workplace challenges, Rebecca stands tall as a beacon of commitment to quality and progress.

For her immense contributions transforming processes underpinning company success metrics, peerless work ethic lifting the entire organisation, and living the values of excellence we cherish, we are elated to honor Rebecca Meeuwissen as the undisputed Employee Excellence Award! Her dedication over and beyond expectations deserves the highest praise.

Congratulations and keep up the outstanding effort, Rebecca! We are lucky to have you pushing us higher.

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