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How to Create a Dyscalculia-Friendly Workplace in Facility Management

This Dyscalculia Awareness Day on March 3rd, at Workplace want to draw attention to this common learning disorder that makes it difficult to perform maths concepts and calculations.

A colourful head full of bright numbers.

Research shows that around 6% of people have characteristics of dyscalculia, which often significantly impacts their ability to carry out essential workplace tasks (BDA, 2024).

In commercial cleaning and facility management, employees regularly need maths skills for inventory, measurements, budgets, billing, scheduling, and more. As an industry providing critical health, safety and sustainability services, correctly performing numerical tasks is imperative.

Dyscalculia makes it hard to intuitively:

  • Quantity without counting

  • Comparing/ordering number values

  • Recalling and applying numerical facts and procedures

Adults with dyscalculia may particularly struggle with:

  • Clocks, schedules and calendars

  • Large numbers and money concepts

  • Budgets, bills, accounting

  • Maps, directions, distances

These difficulties can significantly impact confidence, work performance, and mental health.

At Workplace, we provide accommodations like:

We also supply built-in dosing systems to eliminate calculations, improving all workers’ confidence in properly mixed solutions. The convenient bottled concentrates easily dose shots directly into buckets or trigger sprayers. Then just top up with water for ready-to-use solutions.

This streamlined system eliminates the hassle of dispensers, pumps or accessories. The ultra-concentrated formula also reduces plastic waste and transport emissions with less packaging and fluid to ship per use.

With greater workplace awareness and support for neurological differences, we can help those with learning disorders fully contribute. Our diverse workforce includes and values those who think differently. Let's keep accommodating all minds and abilities!



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