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Thank you! - Employee Excellence Award July 2023

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Katarzyna Nowak, our daytime cleaning operative at BSI, has been awarded the Employee Excellence Award for July! 🎉🏆

As per the heartwarming feedback received from our valued client, Joseph Diplock, Kasia's dedication and commitment have truly stood out. Joseph shared that Kasia consistently goes above and beyond her duties, demonstrating unparalleled support and dedication to her work. Even when offered the opportunity to leave early during less busy times, Kasia chooses to stay until the very end of her shift, ensuring that the job is completed to perfection.

Office meeting room

Kasia's willingness to be of assistance and her swift response to any requests have left a lasting impression on both the client and our team. Her outstanding work ethic and exceptional customer service have truly made her an invaluable member of the clean team at BSI.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Joseph Diplock for recognising and nominating Kasia for this well-deserved award. It is employees like Kasia who exemplify the core values of our company and contribute to creating an environment of excellence.

Let's all join together in congratulating Katarzyna Nowak for her exceptional achievements and for being an inspiration to us all. Please take a moment to appreciate her hard work and dedication to making our workplace shine brightly.



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