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Thank you! - Employee Excellence Award July 2023

We are thrilled to announce the nomination of Amber Jones for this month's Employee of the Month award!

Her exceptional accomplishments, continuous enthusiasm, and remarkable helpfulness to the entire team at Workplace make her an outstanding candidate for this recognition.

Amber's successful completion of her 18-month CIPD course is a testament to her commitment to professional growth and development. Her dedication to expanding her knowledge and skills showcases her determination to excel in her role and contribute to the success of our organisation.

Furthermore, Amber's continuous enthusiasm and helpfulness have been invaluable to the entire team. She consistently goes above and beyond to support her fellow managers in various aspects of our work. Her willingness to assist and her positive attitude create a supportive and collaborative work environment.

Amber, your dedication, enthusiasm, and helpfulness have not gone unnoticed. We want to express our deepest appreciation for your exceptional contributions to our team. Your commitment to personal growth and your unwavering support are truly admirable.

Please join us in congratulating Amber for her remarkable achievements and nominating her for July's Employee of the Month award. Let's celebrate her exceptional dedication and recognise her as an inspiration to us all.

🎉 Congratulations, Amber! 🎉

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