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Sustainable Solutions – Working in Partnership with our Suppliers

Updated: May 28

Did you know that International Reducing CO2 Emissions Day falls on 28th January each year? It is day to observe how much CO2 emissions can be released into the air.

Enhance Facilities Services (a Workplace Company) have a long standing relationship with our janitorial supplier, Vanitorials Ltd. We have already highlighted our commitment to improving the health of our planet. As a proud supporter of the Planet Mark Certification and the ntrl natural cleaning range, we work closely with our suppliers to make positive changes in our own buying choices, to reduce CO2 emissions without losing out on the results of the product.

A photo of vanitorials company vehicle van.

Vanitorials have implemented 100% electric delivery vehicles into their delivery fleet which is in addition to fully electric cars. These ongoing improvements help towards their continuing commitment to Net Zero Carbon. As a client, we are in absolute agreement to these innovations.

Our Operations Manager says, “Vanitorials are leading the way with sustainable solutions, the trialling of the ntrl range has proved a huge success for us and we hope to introduce the range at many more of our customers in the City”.

New products and innovations are constantly improving. Enhance will continue to make sustainable choices with our Suppliers to make a positive impact on the environment.



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