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Supporting #iRecognise2022

Updated: Mar 4

Friday 16th September 2022 marks ʻi-Recogniseʼ day.

Cleaning operatives worldwide are at the forefront of creating cleaner, healthier spaces and safer environments for everyone. Post pandemic, cleaning operatives are more crucial than ever, with many working long hours to keep hospitals, supermarkets, and schools clean, so every individual feels safe in these environments.
Logo if I-Recognize.

i-Recognise encourage businesses to dedicate this day to recognise these unsung heroes who deliver an invaluable and essential cleaning service to keep all environments clean and, therefore, safe. And i-Recognise Day is proud to be endorsed by BICSc (The British Institute of Cleaning Science).

They chose this date as it falls alongside World Clean Up Day (Saturday 17th September), whereby everyone globally is encouraged to get involved to do their bit and clean up the environment around them.

This year i-Recognise is celebrating its 3rd year of global recognition. They are delighted to say a large number of international organisations are actively supporting i-Recognise, including Workplace!

How to take part! On Friday 16th September 2022, we would like to encourage all businesses to actively promote this day of recognition by using #iRecognise2022 on social media, displaying posters and showing the i-Recognise banner on your website. These are downloadable free of charge from the i-Recognise website:

We also know that a simple "Thank You" goes a long way, so please remember to show your appreciation to your hard-working cleaning operatives.



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