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Realising Our Competitive Potential Through Quality

Updated: Jun 10

This week marks World Quality Week, an annual event that highlights the importance of quality in business.

A logo of IRCA , CQI and World Quality Week.

This year's theme is "Quality: realising your competitive potential." As a commercial cleaning company that has held the ISO 9001 certification for years, quality is fundamental to who we are at Workplace.

What does quality mean to us? It's about consistently delivering excellent service and results to our clients. It's having robust systems and processes that ensure we meet expectations every time. But it's more than that - quality is a mindset that pervades our entire organisation.

We strive for quality in several key ways:

Systems and Processes: Our ISO 9001 certified quality management system provides the foundation for delivering consistent, high-quality services. We have standard operating procedures, inspection checklists, training programs, and more to ensure consistency.

Client Feedback: We regularly survey clients and use the feedback to refine our services. Hearing the voice of the customer helps us identify areas for improvement.

Continuous Improvement: Through regular audits, data analysis, and root cause analysis, we continuously look for ways to improve. Our teams are empowered to find better ways to do things.

Team Member Engagement: Every team member receives extensive training on our standards and processes. We invest in our people so they can do their best work.

Supplier Management: We carefully select and manage suppliers to ensure the materials and equipment we use meet specifications. This prevents quality issues.

Inspection: Ongoing inspections during cleaning services ensure we meet quality criteria. We catch any defects early.

Management Commitment: Our leadership team fosters a culture of quality and provides resources for improvement initiatives. Quality is a top-down priority.

In the competitive commercial cleaning industry, quality is our key advantage. It's how we realise our full potential as a business. When clients experience our meticulous attention to quality, they are happy to renew contracts year after year.

This World Quality Week, we encourage all businesses to evaluate how a focus on quality could realize your competitive potential. It requires commitment from the entire organisation, but the rewards are long-lasting. Join us in striving for excellence, listening to clients, and investing in a culture of quality. The benefits for your business could be immense.



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