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National Sickie Day: Strategies to Maintain a Healthy Workplace

Updated: 2 days ago

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The first Monday in February is known as National Sickie Day in the UK. On this day, more workers call in sick than on any other day of the year. This trend has significant implications for cleaning companies, as a higher rate of absenteeism can lead to increased demand for their services.

To help reduce the impact of National Sickie Day on the workplace, here are 5 strategies worth considering:

Encourage good hygiene practices: You can help reduce the spread of illness by promoting good hygiene practices among workers. This may include providing hand sanitisers, promoting frequent hand washing, and encouraging the use of tissues to cover coughs and sneezes.

Deep cleaning: Workplace can offer deep cleaning services to disinfect workspaces and common areas. This can help to reduce the risk of illness and promote a healthy work environment.

Increased staffing levels: We can increase our staffing levels on National Sickie Day to ensure that we are able to meet the increased demand for our services. This may include the deployment of additional cleaning staff to cover for absent workers.

Flexible scheduling: To accommodate the needs of businesses during National Sickie Day, Workplace can offer flexible scheduling options. This may include early morning or late night cleaning sessions to minimise disruption to the business.

Focus on high-touch areas: We can focus our efforts on high-touch areas, such as door handles, light switches, and common areas, to reduce the spread of germs. By taking a targeted approach, we can help to keep the workplace clean and healthy.

In addition to increased demand for our services, Workplace must also consider the health and safety implications of National Sickie Day. With more workers calling in sick, there is a higher risk of the spread of illness in the workplace. We must ensure that our staff are properly trained in infection control procedures, and that they use appropriate disinfectants to prevent the spread of germs.

National Sickie Day has significant implications for cleaning companies. To meet the increased demand for their services, and to ensure the health and safety of workers, cleaning companies must be prepared to take proactive steps. Whether it's through increased staffing levels, or a focus on infection control, cleaning companies have an important role to play in maintaining a clean and healthy workplace.

Don't let National Sickie Day catch your workplace off guard! Contact us today to schedule a deep cleaning or increase your staffing levels to ensure a clean and healthy work environment for your employees.



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