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Living Wage Week 2022 - 14th to 20th November

Updated: Feb 29

The real Living Wage is a baseline for what’s needed to live a decent and dignified life.
An inforgraphic about Real Living Wage.

There are still 4.8 million UK workers earning below the real Living Wage. In these difficult times, our commitment to the real Living Wage is “more important than ever”. Paying employees a wage that meets the cost of living every year and recognising “in-work” poverty is highlighted by Living Wage Week 2022. Living Wage Week | Living Wage Foundation

So why have a week to identify the Living Wage when this issue is ongoing?

Because this one week will highlight the importance of employers’ commitment to raising awareness, this week will address the in-work poverty that still exists and this week will address the fact that employers need to provide staff with security and a long-term commitment to a wage that always meets the rising cost of living every year.

Here at Workplace, we chose to sign up to the campaign, (currently calculated at £10.90 per hour, and £11.95 per hour in London). Our subsidiary company, Enhance Facilities Services, were Recognised Service Providers Award Winners and as such we will continue to proudly display the Living Wage Foundation logo. We are committed to raising awareness of the Living Wage on our website and social media and we will proudly and actively support our staff with a decent wage for a decent life.

It is paramount that employers identify everyday living costs, factoring in different household types and taxes and benefits.

93% of businesses say the Living Wage has benefitted their business. Staff are motivated and retention rates are better than ever.

The Living Wage Foundation is fundamental in Workplace’s commitment to our staff and as they say, “it isn’t just good for workers, it’s good for business too”.



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