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Let’s face it – face coverings CAN go into general waste

Updated: Feb 29

During this enforced period of closure, we are taking the time to review the way we operate and to ensure that all our services are delivered in both a safe and effective way.

A photo of face mask.

Safety is our absolute priority and our colleagues have been working hard to get everything ready and to make sure you can return to your workplace safely.

With more businesses reopening and more people starting to return to work, it is likely that the wearing of face coverings will become more of a norm than a novelty.

But what do you do with face coverings and PPE when you've taken them off? How do you safely dispose of these items?

In a non-healthcare environment, PPE such as face coverings/face masks and gloves DO NOT need to be disposed of as clinical waste.

If your workplace wishes to install separate bins for the disposal of face coverings etc., then you are of course welcome to do so, and we’d be happy to supply them, but these will be collected and disposed of via the same general waste route as the rest of their black bin collections.



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