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Updated: 6 days ago

Have you ever seen a colleague take their phone to the loo with them? Or are you even the guilty one? Taking your phone to the toilet with you is a really easy way for it to get covered in bacteria. So, leave it at your desk!

A photo of phone.

Research shows that the average person who has a smartphone will touch the screen nearly 100 times per day! And just think how often we are unintentionally undoing all the good of the antibacterial handwash we have just used, within seconds of picking up the phone. Plus of course putting it up against our face.

Here are a few compelling reasons why you should avoid scrolling through Instagram or responding to emails while on the toilet.

Germs Galore

Bathrooms are breeding grounds for all sorts of germs and bacteria, from E.coli to influensa viruses. When you bring your phone into this environment, it easily picks up these pathogens from surfaces like toilet seats and flush handles. You then transfer those germs right to your hands and face every time you touch your phone. Numerous studies have found shockingly high bacteria levels on smartphones.

Splashing Concerns

The physics of bathrooms makes phones particularly vulnerable to contamination. Every toilet flush releases a plume of microscopic water particles into the air, potentially landing viruses and fecal matter on any surfaces nearby - like your beloved smartphone. There's also the risk of dropping your phone into the toilet itself if you're not careful.

Poor Hygiene Habits

Having your phone with you in the bathroom reinforces poor hygiene practices. You're essentially taking your phone from the toilet area directly to other living spaces in your home or office without properly sanitising it first. This can spread bacteria to kitchen counters, desks, and other commonly touched surfaces.

Bathroom Time Should Be Personal Time

From a psychological standpoint, using your phone on the toilet diminishes your ability to decompress and separate from the stresses of daily life. The bathroom is one of the few places most people can get some solitude and personal time away from devices. Don't rob yourself of this mental break by compulsively checking social media or work emails.

So next time nature calls, do yourself a favor and leave your phone outside the bathroom. Your health and wellbeing with thank you. Let the bathroom be a phone-free respite from our rapidly accelerating digital culture.




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