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(Baby) It’s Cold Outside - Stay Well This Winter

Updated: Feb 27

The nights are drawing in and it’s definitely getting colder out there, so let’s remember to look after ourselves when we are out and about. Don’t forget to wrap up warm and drink plenty of warm fluids.
A Photo of dog wearing red scarf.

Here at Workplace HQ, we are keeping ourselves warm in the office with plenty of hot drinks and not staying still for too long. It’s so easy to stay rooted to our desks but we are all ensuring we don’t forget to stand up and move around regularly. Our Teams out in the field may be warm moving around our many clients’ premises, but they have to be careful too. It’s so easy to forget to wrap up warm going from a nice cosy building to the cold outside. Our priority is the safety and welfare of all our staff and one thing to remember these days is that heating ventilation systems are on high at many workplaces, thus airborne contaminants may be present. We recommend the following; clean and change filters, clean air ventilation grills regularly and switch air handling units with recirculation to 100% outdoor air. You can see more here: Post | WORKPLACE

Picking up an unwanted bug isn’t fun for anyone and the cold weather can make some health problems worse. The NHS has produced a useful factsheet with Winter Wellness tips to support those most at risk and it includes plenty of information about staying healthy and keeping your home warm. Don’t forget those simple things that can help, a hot-water bottle at night-time or just remembering to keep internal doors closed can keep everyone a little bit cosier.

Flu jabs are still available and although autumn is the preferred time to get one, it’s still not too late. Access the NHS helpful factsheet here How to stay well in winter - NHS (



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