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Winter is coming!

Updated: Feb 27

A drop of Winter Ice .

At WORKPLACE we understand the importance of staying operational during the colder weather. The winter months, bring the risk of ice and potentially snow which can have a significant impact on businesses where there has been little or no planning.

That’s why we set up our Winter Maintenance Program which allows us to monitor the weather systems on your behalf ensuring your workplace is safe for all its users. When the weather turns icy, you have a legal duty to ensure safe access to your building for both your employees and visitors. Our plan can help you prepare for extreme weather by implementing a professional, effective and financially viable winter maintenance program so that you can focus on your core business and reduce risk through a reliable service partner.

What can our Winter Maintenance Program do for your workplace? Our gritting team are highly trained and committed to ensuring your car parks and access routes are clear and functional by the start of the working day.

  • We operate by monitoring local weather systems

  • We will visit your site if the Met Office reports show hazardous conditions approaching

  • Your designated contact is notified in the afternoon of the necessity of gritting for either ice or snow

  • Our gritters will visit overnight, so sites are ready for start of business

  • Priority will always be to clear access routes

  • We will only charge you per visit

  • We will log our visits on your Client Portal, so you can track the delivery of our service

  • Snow clearing also available

Break the Ice For a free gritting and snow clearing consultation and quote call us on 0844 561 1760 or contact us online.

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