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Today the Facilities Management industry is celebrating World FM Day!

This year’s theme is ‘Enabling Positive Experiences’ to highlight the many and varied ways the role of facilities management impacts on positive customer, client and employee experience across multiple sectors. The wide range of sectors impacted by FM is everywhere and there are examples in retail, entertainment, leisure, health, education and commerce, as well as the wider workplace.

Duncan Waddell, Chairman of Global FM, says: “The often unforeseen and disruptive forces in today’s world must be anticipated and managed to ensure stability and success in whatever sectors people seek the deliverables of the FM and their teams to ensure that outcomes and outputs of facilities meet expectations to enhance life whether it is at work, rest or play.”

We asked our Clients to take a couple of minutes out of their busy day to share some feedback to help us provide more 'Positive Experiences' by completing a short survey.

You can help contribute to the feedback too, even if you are not currently a client by visiting this link

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