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10 Things You Should Deep Clean This Spring

Updated: 2 days ago

Photos  of man cleaning the carpets.

The spring tradition of cleaning shouldn’t just be confined to your own home.

Let us tell you why you should consider a deep clean of these 10 key areas in your workplace.

1. Windows When the beautiful early spring sunshine starts to make an appearance, the temptation is to fling open the blinds to make the most of it. Unfortunately, the harsh winter weather can leave them looking smeared and ‘cloudy’.

Consider starting a periodic cleaning schedule this February so you can maintain a higher standard all year round. This can include interior windows & partition glazing as well as exterior cleans which make a world of different in highly populated areas.

2. Carpets Spot cleaning your carpets can be a quick fix. This works great for coffee spills and muddy foot prints but for higher-traffic areas, you’ll need to consider a professional carpet clean three or four times a year.

Spring is a great time to start although once you notice that your carpet's looking dirty, we’d suggest you have it cleaned for health and hygiene reasons.

3. Electrical Devices Telephone and keyboard sterilisation is a must after the cold & flu season. It will improve hygiene standards which is particularly useful in a ‘hot desk’ environment.

You could arrange for this to be done as part of your periodic cleaning schedule or we can supply wet wipes for your staff to use at the end of their shift?

4. Gutters If you didn’t get them done before the winter now is a good time to think about having your gutters cleared. Using an industrial specialised vacuum system, we are able to reach 40 feet or more in the air whilst our operators work safely from ground level.

Where required we have a high-tech cctv cameras mounted at the top of our vacuum system or on inspection poles giving the perfect viewing angle for our operators to get to even the most difficult angles.

5. Entrance Ways The entrance to your workplace should be inviting for all that cross the threshold. Staff, clients, contractors and visitors all have to step through your main entrance to gain access to the building. Clean door glass and push plates certainly give the right impression and are such a simple thing to achieve.

Personalised welcome mats are also a great addition to your reception area and can successfully promote your business and corporate identity. Often the first (and last) opportunity to reinforce company branding, promote your corporate colours and advertising slogan, they can be scheduled for collection and cleaning on a rotation basis.

6. Painted Walls Maintenance is crucial to keeping a crisp paint job looking fresh. To do this, Martin Wells, Operations Director of WORKPLACE, suggests adding spot cleaning of your walls to your weekly specification. Our team will then do a sweep while they are carrying out their daily tasks.

If, on the other hand spot cleaning just won’t cut it, then consider a refresh of the paint itself. Our painting & decorating services can be completed out of business hours.

7. White Goods Refrigerators & dishwashers in kitchenettes and break-out areas can really be put through their paces on a daily basis. But have you ever stopped to think when was the last time they were thoroughly cleaned?

To ensure these heavy-duty appliances continue to work efficiently we suggest a full clean is carried out and then a follow up is scheduled on a quarterly basis starting this spring! This means the outside and inside.

What about adding a full annual service to your schedule at the same time?

8. Floors Floor surfaces are exposed to abrasion from foot traffic, spillages and dirt which, without protection, can cause dulling of the floor surface and eventually wear it away.

Now the harsher winter months are behind us, you should consider a complete strip & seal of the main areas. Using a permanent sealant early in the year will prevent the requirement for similar costly procedures at a later date. Once the ingrained dirt has been removed, the colours of the floor are enhanced and the floor will have a higher and more even shine. An annual deep clean should be all that is required.

9. Outdoor Furniture If your workplace is lucky enough to have some outdoor space, now is the time to start thinking about having all of the benches, tables and paving slabs pressure washed before the outdoor season begins!

Our grounds maintenance teams can also help with littering picking, sweeping, weed killing, hedge trimming and flower bed design & care.

10. Air Conditioning Units And finally, in anticipation of the warmer weather it would be worth considering having your air conditioning system cleaned and serviced.

It is important to maintain and clean the units regularly, as having a clean air handling unit and clean duct-work will remove any pollutants.

Failure to keep the units clean can also lead to corrosion inside the system’s components which can lead to contamination or even moisture levels mounting up creating mould, both of which can be deposited throughout your workplace.

To book in for a free consultation with one of our experts for any these services please email



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