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  • Cost of Living crisis: The real Living Wage has never been more important

    based on what it costs to live in the UK and London. costs, factoring in different household types and taxes and benefits. The new rates will be calculated in the autumn and will take into account rising costs. The process is overseen by the independent Living Wage Commission comprising Living Wage Employers, civil The real Living Wage is a baseline for what’s needed to live a decent and dignified life.

  • Empowering Workers: The Real Living Wage and Workplace's Commitment

    This increase is a crucial step towards addressing the cost of living crisis that hits low-paid workers The Real Living Wage is independently calculated based on the rising living costs and applies to everyone of meeting the actual costs of living. Addressing Low Pay and the Cost of Living Crisis Low pay affects a significant portion of the workforce The cost of living crisis persists, with 50% of low-paid workers worse off than a year ago, and 43% regularly

  • Living Wage Week 2022 - 14th to 20th November

    The real Living Wage is a baseline for what’s needed to live a decent and dignified life. Paying employees a wage that meets the cost of living every year and recognising “in-work” poverty is Living Wage Week | Living Wage Foundation So why have a week to identify the Living Wage when this issue of living every year. It is paramount that employers identify everyday living costs, factoring in different household types

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  • Workplace | Chemical Free Cleaning

    In line with our mission, we are excited to announce our partnership with Centrego, a pioneer in chemical-free Cost Savings By generating cleaning solution on-site, our clients can benefit from long-term cost savings

  • Driving Workplace Revolution Through Tech

    allocation and on-demand access to HR forms, safety procedures and quick staff training reminders - giving Enhanced Transparency Through Connected Data A user-friendly online hub centralises essential details like Workplace and each client to continually optimise for the unique environment and strategic priorities like risk mitigation, sustainability or lowering total cost of ownership.

  • Cultivating IDEAS in the Workplace

    Staff gain purpose-filled careers uplifting lives.

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