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In November 2019 we were awarded the contract for a large training facility in Hampshire.  The client required a first-class cleaning service to the training facility and can see a footfall of up to 600 visitors per day during busy sessions.


When we took over the 7 day a week contract in 2019, the service was unfortunately not up to standard and complaints were being received from visitors.  We immediately changed the timing of the cleaning to suit the needs of the business and introduced regular management visits and audits to raise the standards from day one.




The incumbent had retained the cleaning contract for the previous 17 years. Fortunately we were successful with our bid competing against 5 other companies including the outgoing company. We had been in discussions with the client for their business since 2016, our in-house sales team were amazing to keep chasing this lead until their perseverance finally paid off.


By training and motivating the team, we were able to improve the standards to the client’s satisfaction and continue to develop the contract and meet the standards to ensure exceptional audits scores each month.


WORKPLACE currently supply the following roles:

  • Full time Housekeeper

  • Full time Supervisor

  • Full time daytime operative

  • Evening team of cleaning operatives including a supervisor


The housekeeper role is mainly a hospitality position of supplying and ensuring all breakout areas, meeting rooms, reception, CEO office, training areas, classrooms are supplied with breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks along with supplying and meeting room lunches and tea and coffee.


The housekeeper completes all the ordering for the supplies making sure enough product is ordered on a weekly basis to supply the demand of a busy training centre, capacity of 500+ students each week.


training centre

commercial premises


  • Unique specification

  • 365 day service

  • Housekeeping

  • Daily cleaning services

  • Supply of COVID-19 prevention resources


  • Contract value £200+ and growing

  • Working in partnership with our client


Training centre, building services, cleaning, housekeeping​

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Our Operations Director meets with the client every month and has built up an excellent working relationship.  The onsite team are a credit to Workplace, ensuring high standards are met and continually maintained to the highest standards for international visitors.


We have been given the go ahead from our client to supply:

  • new crockery

  • fruit bowls

  • cake stands

  • coffee flasks

  • sweet bowls etc

  • 10 free standing anti bacterial dispensers

  • wall fitted dispensers

  • clinical waste bins

  • and uniform throughout the training centre

We are hopeful to be awarded many other services at this site in the future.

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