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What should I do?

Updated: Mar 5

Public health experts say the best way to try to stay is well to start by washing your hands.

All staff have been requested to revisit our Infection Prevention Control Toolbox which is available through our Colleague Portal. It covers – but is not limited to:

  • • correct hand hygiene • cleaning methods & frequencies • protocols for cleaning products including colour coding • best practice PPE (gloves, uniform, aprons if applicable) • cleaning of equipment (cloths, buckets etc) • fitness to work

Keep it simple.

As you are all aware, we have been escalated our cleaning procedures over the last few weeks to include a key focus on touch points and heavy usage area such as sinks, kitchenettes & toilets.

Cleaning Products

Our teams currently use Selden V-Mix 100, a concentrated all-round cleaner which contains a powerful (alcohol based) bactericide. In certain sites you may find this is being used in conjunction with Selden V-Mix 500 which is an effective bactericidal cleaning for all catering, healthcare & other hygiene critical areas. It achieves EN1276 for high level cleaning, killing common food, healthcare and general pathogens.

An infographic about hygiene protocol.



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