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Virtual Training Roll Out

Updated: Mar 5

From next week we will start to roll out virtual/online training to all our cleaning staff prior to their scheduled return to your workplace. They will be following local government guidelines for COVID-19 protocol which are laid out in our Checklist.

Obviously, some areas are the responsibility of the users (e.g. shared workspaces - desk, chair, keyboard, mouse, drawer handles, etc). Please make sure all office personnel have access to desk wipes so they can clean common spaces as they feel necessary prior to use.

A photo of man signing a document in a workplace.

Returning to the Workplace

As the number of requests for partial re-opening of our client sites increases, please would you be aware that where a limited service is required for an undefined period of time WORKPLACE will struggle to ask our staff to return to work for only a few days a week. The Furlough scheme doesn’t change until August and therefore furloughed staff are being paid 80% of their pay to stay at home and will in many cases not want to return to work to earn less.

WORKPLACE will endeavour to find staff that will provide the cover requested, however this will be at enhanced rates to enable us to fulfil the more limited requirements. In many cases it is more practical to provide a full service and enhance what the cleaning specification in line with the government guidelines and would be reassuring to your colleagues also.

Deep Cleans

As mentioned in previous communications we offer a range of support solutions to assist your transition to the ‘new normal’. Please take a look at our Hygiene Toolkit attached for ideas.

Please do continue to communicate with us via our Help Desk. This allows us to make sure your query is dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.



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