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Securing What Matters Most This Data Privacy Day

Updated: 11 hours ago

Do you know where your data resides?

Photo of employees seating infront of their laptop

For most companies, the answer is likely uncertain. Workplace recognises that people are the priority – both our personnel and all those we serve. As an organisation providing environments for major brands to grow, we believe facilitating trust and safety is an imperative responsibility.

That's why Workplace pursued the Cyber Essentials certification. Our accredited security posture verifies rigorous defenses govern systems and processes handling client data. From access controls to encryption, vulnerability testing to patching, we invest in technology and talent to exceed expectations.

Our duty remains consistent even as digital threats multiply – to lead by example making robust protection accessible. Our advanced platforms aim to prevent breaches. Our cyber education strives to uplift baseline understanding for businesses of all sizes. As our COO conveys, we firmly believe progress requires internal resolve strengthened through partnerships.

"Every individual deserves to feel safe and empowered. Our steadfast measures safeguarding data and facilities provide assurance while revolutionising spaces focused on human needs first."

This Data Privacy Day, choose facilities partners as devoted as you are to securing what matters most. Workplace’s services transform offices, hospitals, schools and sensitive environments prioritising safety. Meet standards by leveraging our managed security protocols. Install enhanced surveillance solutions. Integrate visitor management technology. Train personnel on awareness.

Uplift your cyber-physical defenses with leaders walking the walk. Contact Workplace to evaluate current protocols and start mapping modernisations tailored to your culture. Partnering with stewards accredited in security elevates credibility among clients expecting responsible data guardians. Lead by example while letting experts handle the rest.

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