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Thank You

Updated: Mar 4

Many of our clients have been working in partnership with us by returning their completed Re-Mobilisation Plans over the last couple of weeks. It’s been an interesting process for many and has certainly helped them to recognise high risk areas and allowed them to repurpose under-utilised spaces.

A logo of Microsoft teams.

Once risk & capacity levels have been identified we’ve been able to schedule Microsoft Teams meetings to determine the cleaning levels and frequency needed in each space. Risk assessments and cleaning checklists can then be drawn up and a start back date agreed.

Working together allows us to help create and manage a new generation of workplaces which can enable people to work safely, flexibly, collaboratively, and productively, and wherever provides the greatest benefit to the individual, the organisation and society in general.

When you have completed your Re-Mobilisation Plan please forward it to and we will be in touch to discuss your return to the workplace. We are currently working on a 7-day notice period which allows us to contact your team and adjust hours/shifts where necessary.



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