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Supporting Our Colleagues

Updated: Mar 4

We’ve written regularly over the past few weeks as we adapt the way we work to keep delivering our services to those clients who are still able to trade while keeping you and our colleagues safe. We continue to make changes in line with government guidelines and in response to feedback from you and our colleagues.

We are writing today to tell you about measures we are taking to support our colleagues and to update you on our decontamination service availability.

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Supporting our colleagues

Our colleagues really are doing a remarkable job. We have been in contact with many of them over the past few days and have been struck by their dedication and their determination to do the best job for our clients. These are very uncertain times and our colleagues really are on the frontline.

We are doing everything we can to keep our colleagues safe and this includes supporting them if they need to self-isolate. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our colleagues and we will continue to do the right thing to protect them throughout this time.

We have been delighted to see that many clients have told us they think our colleagues are going above & beyond right now. We think this is real testament both to the hard work of our colleagues and the fantastic recognition they are getting for the vital role they are playing throughout this crisis. Thank you for treating our colleagues with the respect and kindness they deserve. They really are doing their best to serve our customers well in these challenging times.

Infection Control & Biohazard Cleaning & Prevention

Decontamination Cleans - We are already producing quotes for decontamination cleans that can be carried out ahead of your workforces return to the office after the lockdown.

The process is fast safe and unobtrusive, it involves removal of dust from the room and then a fogging process whereby a solution of Formula 429 is atomised into the air at such a tiny size (5 microns) that the solution permeates every area and surface of a room from the ceiling to the floor, all furniture and items within the room are covered in minute droplets of bug fighting solution. After 20 minutes the room or area can be used as normal.

This process will remove all bacteria and is harmless to humans and animals and safe to use on food surfaces.

Air Purification Products - Towards the end of 2017 we partnered with HygienEco Washrooms Limited, a UK distributed for a range of air purification products called AirSteril.

These amazingly innovative devises are a cost-effective solution to eliminating offensive odour and preventing the spread of illness and infection within your workspace, whether it be an office, school, medical centre or any type of public access space.

They don’t need to be limited to your washroom area as their smart design would work equally well in canteens, receptions, waiting rooms or offices.

By improving the air quality in enclosed spaces, you can offer your staff and visitors a healthier environment in which to frequent. Cleaning alone will not remove odours and the causes of odours - bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in the air and on surfaces. That’s why we recommend the AirSteril system to all our clients.

If you are interested in having a quotation for your workplace, please email your floor plans or specifications to



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