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Protecting our employees’ health

Updated: Feb 29

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, our priority has been the safety and welfare of our colleagues and doing what we can to limit the impact of the pandemic on our communities.

Our leadership has communicated continuously to our people around the UK and we have followed the guidance of governments and the World Health Organisation in the measures we have taken to protect our employees’ health and to help slow the spread of the virus.

A photo of meeting using laptop.

We are striving to maintain service to our clients who are key worker locations or support the NHS at a critical time. We are truly engaged in helping our clients to manage and adjust their specifications at this critical time.

Our services have never been more important, with many clients already looking to address their longer-term requirements when the COVID-19 crisis passes. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss, adapt & implement a review with you when a return to the workplace is imminent.

We have seen outstanding examples of creativity from our people as they support clients in the fight against COVID-19. We are constantly promoting effective handwashing within our workforce as well as correct glove disposable. Our people are also displaying great ingenuity and resilience as they adapt to new conditions, maintain a positive working culture and ensure continuity of service for clients.

As always, if anything should change please do continue to communicate with us via our Help Desk which can be accessed via emailing or raising a case via the client portal. This allows us to make sure your query is dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

Finally, can we please remind you that due to the government advice we have a limited admin team working from home so our response times may be affected.



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