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Preparing for the Post-COVID Landscape

Updated: Feb 29

At WORKPLACE we are working tirelessly with our service partners to come up with solutions to allow you to demonstrate to the workforce that you regard their safety and wellbeing to be of the highest priority over the return to work period.

A photo of cleaner wearing PPE sanitizing the hall way.

We understand that many will be anxious and concerned about their safety in the workplace so to help you through these unprecedented times we have created a comprehensive hygiene toolkit.

The hygiene toolkit enables us to reduce cross contamination and provides you with peace of mind that you are creating a safe and hygienic environment in addition to that which you are already offering with the cleaning regime.

Our services have never been more important, with many clients already looking to address their longer-term requirements when the COVID-19 crisis passes. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss, adapt & implement a review with you when a return to the workplace is imminent. You can 'pick & mix' what works best for your workplace via a free online consultation with our Operational Team.

Here’s what the hygiene toolkit includes:

  • PPE

  • Non-contact digital infrared thermometers

  • Lateral Flow testing kits

  • Sanitiser Spray

  • Eco-friendly cleaning products

  • Decontamination cleans

  • Roller screens

  • Air purification products

  • Hand sanitiser units

  • Antibacterial door protection guards

  • Acrylic desk screens



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