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Pioneering The Facilities Services Transformation

Updated: 5 days ago

At Workplace, we have led the ongoing evolution of workplace facilities for over 25 years by investing in our people and sustainable technologies. As we enter 2024, this commitment to transformational change powers forward through new workforce training initiatives and widescale adoption of a revolutionary cleaning systems across our operations.

A  clean water fountain.

While 2023 presented complex challenges from the cost of living crisis to demands for greener standards, Workplace leveraged industry foresight, innovation and decades of expertise to tackle obstacles head-on. We harnessed emerging technology to increase productivity. Inventory optimisation software also enhanced supply chain agility.

At the same time, the pandemic spotlighted the critical nature of healthy environments facilitated by our skilled frontline teams every day. Lifting up our experts through training combats outdated stereotypes about facilities roles being low skilled. Our culture celebrating inclusion, diversity and growth empowers employees’ full potential.

Investing In Continuous Skills Enhancement

To further tap into our people’s promise, Workplace is excited to launch an expanded company-wide training platform in 2024. With on-demand online modules covering the latest methods and equipment guidance to wellbeing support, it makes staying ahead effortless no matter where staff are located.

Participants can learn at their own pace via any device, upskilling existing capabilities around current cleaning procedures or reskilling on newly adopted innovations. Not only does this platform enable our 800+ team members to provide even higher quality, adaptable service to clients, its always-available nature fosters autonomy and growth.

Significantly Slashes Environmental Footprints

In addition to investing in our workforce, Workplace is implementing Centrego’s electrochemical activation solutions across client sites to dramatically reduce carbon emissions and enable the highest sustainable cleaning standards.

This revolutionary on-site tech transforms salt, water and electricity into effective cleaning agents without any transport or plastic waste. Centrego’s ECA options range from compact units for small offices to industrial-scale for factories and cruise ships. No matter the setting type or size, facilities can benefit from greener biocide generation aligned with ecology goals like the pending Clean Air Act.

Powering the Evolution of Healthy Spaces

Underpinning Workplace’s leadership navigating each new landscape pressure is our longstanding commitment to people-first solutions. We enable organisations to thrive by elevating their greatest asset – their employees. Our strategic investments in training and transformative technologies keep service quality, safety and sustainability top of mind in every action we take, each space we enhance.

2023 proved revolutionary change is not only attainable but critical for the facilities industry’s future trajectory. Let us help you lead it. Discover firsthand how Workplace’s relentless innovation empowers your workspace and workforce now and in 2024’s emerging world.

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