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Looking Forward to 2020: The Year of Vision.

New Year resolutions - easy to make, and easy to break.

2018 WORKPLACE Resolutions

People have been pledging New Year personal & business resolutions for years. It's very easy to make resolutions in the wake of the new year but most of us are more familiar with the difficulty of sticking to them!

At WORKPLACE we offer a unique Facilities Service Schedule to help you stay on track! It is possible but it does take focus, planning, and a determination to stick with the resolutions so we would like to offer a helping hand. FOCUS ON ONE CHANGE AT A TIME.

Rather than trying to have several large changes underway at once, such as:

  • bringing multiple soft services together under one supplier

  • sourcing a new window & gutter cleaner

  • improving the overall appearance of the main reception

  • focusing on the outside space of your workplace

  • arranging a high level clean of the kitchen & break area

We suggest breaking down them down into smaller lots and focus on one single resolution at a time.

If you would like some help setting up your new Facilities Schedule please contact us on 0844 561 1760 or email our Service Team today!



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