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Escalation of Cleaning Procedures

Updated: Feb 29

As you are all aware, we have been escalating our cleaning procedures over the last few weeks to include a key focus on touch points and heavy usage area such as sinks and kitchenettes & toilets.

Cleaning Products

Our teams currently use Selden V-Mix 100, a concentrated all-round cleaner which contains a powerful (alcohol based) bactericide. In certain sites you may find this is being used in conjunction with Selden V-Mix 500 which is an effective bactericidal cleaning for all catering, healthcare & other hygiene critical areas. It achieves EN1276 for high level cleaning, killing common food, healthcare and general pathogens.

Our Colleagues

All staff have been requested to revisit our Infection Prevention Control Toolbox which is available through our Colleague Portal. It covers – but is not limited to:

  • correct hand hygiene

  • cleaning methods & frequencies

  • protocols for cleaning products including colour coding

  • best practice PPE (gloves, uniform, aprons if applicable)

  • cleaning of equipment (cloths, buckets etc)

  • fitness to work

Disinfection Cleans

For those of you who suspect an outbreak of the infection has occurred at your location please raise a Case via your Client Portal. This will allow us to notify our colleagues and engage our service partner Service Group to quote for a specialist disinfection clean to be carried out if required.

Please bear in mind that Chris from Service Group would “…strongly advise that a request for a ‘deep’ clean in the event of keeping your office clean/sanitised, it’s a waste of money.
The chemicals used have not and cannot be tested to confirm if they kill COVID-19; and if they did, they wouldn’t last any longer than 1 hour.
Until the COVID-19 strain is clearly identified our chemicals will only help kill off Norovirus, MRSA, common cold germs etc.”



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