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Client Communication Best Practise

Updated: Feb 29

In the past year, we've been extremely grateful to our clients for embracing our help desk.

By utilising our help desk system to log queries and requests, we've successfully managed to efficiently handle and assign each case to the appropriate member of our support team, even while working remotely.

Our help desk is powered by special software that enables us to:

  • Track the progress of all incoming cases.

  • Focus on incidents and issues for all our clients.

  • Foster collaborative work among our team.

  • Maintain a comprehensive database of all reported incidents and the actions taken.

  • Generate periodic reports detailing the number of issues, response times, and resolution times.

To ensure a smooth client relationship, we've outlined best practice timescales in our client relationship statement, which you can find on your Handover Form. These timescales will help you select the most suitable form of communication based on the nature of your request:

  1. If you have a minor service request, please let your team know at the start of their shift.

  2. In case the request cannot be actioned during the following shift, please send an email to the help desk. You'll receive a case number, and your request will be assigned to the appropriate team member.

  3. If your case remains unresolved within 48 hours, our Operation Manager will be notified to take necessary action.

  4. If your case still isn't resolved within an additional 24 hours, our Operation Director will be informed to ensure prompt resolution.

If you have any inquiries regarding our help desk or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at We're here to make your experience as smooth and efficient as possible.



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