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Clap for Cleaners

Updated: Feb 29

According The Guardian 'the undervalued heroes of the coronavirus crisis need your thanks – and your support...cleaners and supermarket workers are on the frontline.'

A photo of child clapping her hand.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the fundamental role commercial cleaners play is more vital than ever. They provide clean, healthy & safe environments on a daily basis - for key worker locations throughout the UK such as offices, schools, medical centres, public facilities and factories. Regular & thorough professional cleaning is key to reduce the spread of microorganisms that feed the novel coronavirus. In a clean, well-maintained environment that is cleaned regularly, the risk of transmission is minimised considerably.

So let’s say our thank yous, loudly and frequently!
A photo of reminders about keeping safe from covid.

In these unparalleled times, we are full of admiration for the NHS and all the keyworkers and volunteers working so hard to keep us safe. But please remember that the work delivered by commercial cleaners is an essential part in the fight against coronavirus, which deserves our recognition but often goes unnoticed. Cleaners are among the nation’s most undervalued and underpaid workers. As it stands they save thousands of lives each year – in schools and in office blocks – by extinguishing invisible threats to our immune systems. Many professionals are able to retreat to the relative safety of working from their homes, but no floor can be cleaned remotely: cleaners have now become frontline workers.

So, tomorrow at 8pm while we show our admiration and support to the nurses and carers, we’d like you to join us in clapping for cleaners across the UK.



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