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Business Process Outsourcing

Updated: Feb 29

At WORKPLACE we have been remote working for many years, and we moved part of our back office function to Manila in the Philippines in order to maximise our field management team and retain the highest calibre of people where it mattered most to our clients.

We have learned a lot about business process outsourcing, different cultures, what can be reasonably achieved and where we failed or were over ambitious/optimistic.

WORKPLACE Inc is a registered company in the Philippines, have offices and practical experience of the local recruitment market and legislation. We can help you to navigate adding cost effective resource solutions when you need to address challenging market conditions.

If you provide a brief/job description we can recruit, induct, and help train and manage remote resources on your behalf. Typical rates are listed below to provide upper quartile talent to support your UK based team.

  • Phone Answering - Dedicated agents to provide a concierge level of service to your customers via phone, online chat, and email.

  • Technical Support - Committed agents with a variety of tech backgrounds, trained to handle the most technical of issues, with a concierge level of service.

  • Remote Bookkeeping - Experienced support from expert bookkeepers and payroll assistants.

  • Help Desk Support - We will improve operational efficiencies and deliver exceptional service to end users through our remote support service.

An infographic about Team working together.

In conclusion

Over a period, job roles change, and we have many colleagues who multi-task in many unrelated/disconnected areas that frustrates them and often reduces productivity through no fault of their own. This could be the moment to consider some of your team’s frustrations and where they could be supported by a cost effective solution that will enable you to focus your key resources to the highest value tasks for your organisation.

We would welcome an initial discussion to ascertain if we might be able to provide part of the solution to the challenges, we will all face this year?



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