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Business Cards Become Sustainable

Updated: Feb 29

Traditional business cards are always useful, however studies have proved that 91% of paper cards are thrown away and the use of paper cards as an initial method for exchanging details has dropped from 41% pre-COVID to just 16% post-pandemic. A digital alternative offering a personalised and contactless option is a much better option.

A photo of business cards.

Enhance Facilities Services (a WORKPLACE Company) have opted to use V1CE e-business cards and the response has been incredibly positive. When tapped against a smartphone, the electronic business card can share as much information as the user wishes, designs can be customised and branding is unique.

The card uses Near Field Communication contact-less communication technology, designed to exchange data between two devices through a simple touch gesture.

The importance of its positive environmental impact is a big consideration. Every year, over 100 billion business cards are created worldwide (approximately 6 million trees), however the electronic card would end this. Enhance are using the sustainable bamboo cards, only one card is needed per person and once set up, there are no reprinting costs. If contact details ever need to change or extra files need to be added, changes can be quickly made from an iPhone, tablet, android or computer.

“It’s a zero waste solution. We have chosen the Eco-Friendly, bamboo card because they minimise our impact on the environment. For every bamboo card purchased, V1CE commits to plant a tree around the world.
Clients are impressed when I use my e-card to share details, it’s become a real talking point!”.

Sandy Aird, Director
Enhance Facilities Services (part of the WORKPLACE Group)

Of course, these cards are not just for businesses, students could upload their CVs and social media profiles to the card or candidates can add videos and pdfs to discuss in their job interviews. Because there are no major restrictions in terms of the amount of information the user wants to upload the cards are incredibly useful, sustainable and cost-effective.

First published by Enhance Facilities Services 7th June 2022



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