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New drive to encourage men to have prostate cancer checks

WORKPLACE team at Rutherford Cancer Centre, Thames Valley

On Saturday 16th November our client Rutherford Cancer Centre in conjunction with the Reading Lions Club; held a free prostate cancer blood screening session (PSA test) for local men to attend at their Thames Valley centre in Reading.

With over 47,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer in the UK each year – or 130 a day, and over 11,000 men dying from the disease per year. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer and the biggest killer of male cancer patients in the UK.

The PSA test is a simple blood test that is used to check for a protein produced by prostate cancer cells. A raised level through a blood test could indicate cancerous cells.

The event was held at the Rutherford Cancer Centre Thames Valley for the first time, which offers pioneering proton beam therapy as well as conventional cancer treatments.

Over 2000 men attended for the 3 minute blood test which usually costs £120 - £160 per person.

As a partner of RCC, our Directors wanted to support the event and the Centre by providing our team free of charge to ensure that the centre was maintained throughout the day to the highest of standards, and to assist the clinical team replenishing sharps bins and supplies.

The team were on site from 7am to 6.30pm along with our Lead Site Engineer to ensure that everything went smoothly and any issues that may arise would be efficiently dealt with to save any disruption to the days events.

The team were supported by our Key Account Leader Lynne Van Loggerenberg who looks after the contract for WORKPLACE across the 3 RCC sites that we provide services for in Reading, Liverpool and Newport.

We provide a full FM service for the 3 sites including Housekeeping services, daily cleaning, window cleaning, washroom services, general and clinical waste, full M&E services with 2 full time resident engineers and pest control.

Having worked with the client for 18 months, and built up a working partnership that has progressed from 1 to 3 sites in this time, we welcome the opportunity to support the client in any way that we can to ensure that they receive the best possible service for the best price. Ensuring that any patients who attend the site are welcomed by a well presented and friendly cleaning and engineering team to a well maintained, clean and infection free state of the art treatment centre.

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