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What Is WORKPLACE doing for National Work Life Week?

Updated: Feb 27

Mobile devices allow our staff to work anywhere

Today marks the start of National Work Life Week; an opportunity for employees and employers to reflect on how they can improve the work/life balance within their company.

Created by Working Families, a charity that supports parents, carers, and people with family commitments, to achieve their full potential at home as well as at work; National Work Life Week aims to raise awareness of how important a healthy work/life balance is to both the employee and the employer.

Here are just a few ideas from our staff of how we have taken part this week….

  • Our Head Office staff are offered the opportunity of work-flexibility to balance work and home life. This can be as simple as leaving early to attend a school performance or sporting event or in other cases, where possible we allow our staff to work flexible hours remotely, so they can work around their family commitments.

  • Lunch time walks, or exercise/relaxation/meditation classes are actively encouraged for those who do prefer to come into the office. Getting away from your desk for just 10 mins and enjoying the fresh air can have an amazing effect on your mood. Spending as little as 15 minutes a day out in the fresh air can build up your levels of vitamin D.

  • Our mobile workforce is supplied with tablets and mobile devices, so they can work from any location such as coffee shops or Client’s offices. They are encouraged to manage their own scheduled focusing more on their productivity rather than the hours they clock up.

  • Participation in team building activities is strongly encouraged. Our Head Office took on an allotment at the beginning of 2018. The plot is only 500 yards from the office and can be visited during breaks and in our staff’s spare time. We have grown and shared some delicious vegetables this spring and are hoping for simple success this autumn!

You can get some more great ideas and resources by visiting the Working Families website and downloading their free toolkit. You can also engage with Working Families on social media and join in the discussion on how to improve peoples’ work/life balance. #WorkLifeWeek

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