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Corporate Vision Unveils the Business Woman Awards 2017 Winners

Updated: 5 hours ago

United Kingdom, 2017- Corporate Vision Magazine has announced the winners of the Business Woman Awards 2017.

Business Woman of the Year 2017

Across the globe, within a vast number of sectors, women continue to go above and beyond to establish themselves as being a significant part of the business world. From healthcare and pharmaceuticals to aerospace and defence, even banking to media, within these industries are the powerful women who are striving daily towards great success whom we aim to recognise through our Business Woman Awards 2017.

WORKPLACE's very own Vicky Barcock has successfully secured 'Most Influential Woman in Corporate Cleaning - 2017'. We are extremely proud of the hard work and dedication that has been shown by Vicky to win this amazing award.

At WORKPLACE, my role is to source potential leads, set up client meetings, provide quotes and tenders to potential clients, prepare and deliver presentations and assist with contract mobilisations and start-ups.” Vicky says.

“Within the role, I am continually learning new aspects of the industry especially since we have moved to multi service delivery. The role is challenging but interesting and I enjoy visiting different areas of London and meeting with new people every day to see how we can assist and improve their services.”

Regarding what advice she would give to other women looking to succeed in the industry, Vicky believes that it is essential that people settle into a role that they are comfortable with, and be confident that they can deliver in all aspects of work.

“My main piece of advice to women wishing to get into a Business Development role would be to spend some time in the operations division of a cleaning company before moving in to sales. I have seen in the past too many sales people who don’t get the respect of the operations team as they haven’t done the job themselves.

“Potential clients will also see that you know all aspects of the business and understand their needs and how they can be addressed. Clients can pick up on someone who just wants the sale and they tend to go elsewhere. A positive for me is that I work for a company that believe in what they do and want to improve the provision of services.”

Discussing the awards, Rachel Devonport Awards Coordinator, commented: “Women represent around half of the global workforce and are a key contributor to the corporate world: despite this, these contributions are often overlooked. As such it is my privilege to showcase the very best women in business across the corporate landscape, and I would like to offer them my congratulations as well as wish them the best of luck as they look to the future.”

To learn more about these illustrious winners, and to find out the secrets behind their success, please visit

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