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Thank you! - Employee Excellence Award February 2017

We believe in celebrating and recognising best practice and the achievements of our team throughout the whole workforce giving us the chance to say thank you.

Each month we celebrate an employee and/or team who have been nominated by clients, managers or colleagues at WORKPLACE for the work they have done that has been over and above the norm. We really love it when our customers take the time to nominate a member of staff who has gone the extra mile for them.

This month we are acknowledging the hard work and dedication of Albert Fasuyi. Albert has only been with WORKPLACE for a month but has stood out as a hardworking and dedicated team member.

Albert's nominator; Account Manager Kevin Bell was keen to recongnise his hard work saying, “Albert has made a great first impression being equally liked by the client and his colleagues.”

“Thank you Albert – congratulations on a well-earned award.”

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