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Delivering commercial cleaning is where our business began and is at the heart of what we do. We work closely with all our clients to make sure their workplace is clean & safe for everyone who uses it.


Cleaning is an integral part of our business. Whether your workplace is open 9-5 or operates on a 24 hours basis we can build a cleaning schedule to suit your needs.


This ensures that the essential areas are cleaned regularly in line with the needs of the business. 


Your site specific schedule can include periodic cleans such as telephone and keyboard sterilisation, to improve hygiene standards which is particularly useful in a ‘hot desk’ environment, or even the cleaning of internal glass and carpets in high traffic areas.

It may also feature internal & external window cleaning.


We work hard with our suppliers to ensure many of the products we use are specially formulated to have a minimal impact on the environment.


This includes complying with ISO accreditation and EU regulations, covering biodegradability and protection of the environment as well as the use of recycled materials.

  • Cleanroom Laboratory Environment

  • Escalator Cleaning

  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning

  • Duct Cleaning

  • High Level Cleaning

  • Accommodation Cleaning Student Halls

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