Aramark is a large national contract of which we are very happy to have been providing a service to them since 2011 and has grown significantly. Whenever their procurement team are required to complete cleaning tenders they request we submit a tender to hopefully award the cleaning to WORKPLACE.


We commenced into contract with Aramark back in 2011 of which we mobilised 26 sites throughout the south east.


Biffa sites are very challenging as most of them are office space or modular buildings on landfill sites. These sites are very dirty, dusty and usually remote due to the space required for land fill. Their offices are very challenging as workforce traffic throughout the day is very heavy with muddy boots.


Since 2011 we have taken on 10 more Biffa sites and all are running very well. These remote sites can be very challenging as they may only have a small cleaning budget to allow 2 or even only 1 day of cleaning per week.


We have recently been awarded Biffa UK Head office in High Wycombe along with another Biffa, High Wycombe prestigious office. In total we have all of the UK Biffa offices.


In 2016, we were invited to tender for Lego stores in Westfield, Shepherds Bush, Westfield, Stratford and their new flagship of which was opening in Leicester Square in November 2016. We were awarded these contracts and asked to quote for Brighton, Milton Keynes, Sheffield, Newcastle and Manchester.


We provide all services for Lego of which include, hygiene, washrooms, waste, security, window cleaning, hard floor periodic work.


We also in 2016 provided Aramark a daily cleaning service along with large amounts of periodic work for their new client Regus. This is ongoing and we are hoping to secure more daily cleaning sites across the south east.


We have just been asked to tender for all of the Biffa sites across the UK to include Scotland, Wales, South East, South West and the Midlands. We are very hopeful of securing this contract of which will be a 5 year contract of which will possibly be extended to a 7 year contract.


We have provided all new equipment on all of our Aramark sites of which we have introduced scrubber/dryers to enable the cleaning teams at the Lego stores to provide a through floor scrub on each clean. This is very important as Lego stores take great pride in their special yellow flooring and expect it to be 100% at all times even though they receive a lot of traffic each day. We have introduced ezi tracker on all sites to enable us to monitor lone working sites.


  • Commercial offices

  • Serviced buildings

  • Depots

  • Retail


  • Security

  • Floor maintenance

  • Washrrom services

  • Handyman services

  • Periodic services


  • We were filmed while cleaning at the Leicester Square store as channel 4 filmed a documentary of Lego’s largest and most prestigious retail store in the world. 

  • Audits to date are averaging between 89% to 95% of which is above expected service levels.


Building services, security, washroom, floor maintenance, cleaning, periodic works

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